HI friends!


One thing I love just as much as shooting is TEACHING. So if you’re longing to take that next step in your business – LET’S DO IT!!


$325 – 1.5 hour Q & A – face to face or via facetime if you live far!


$575 – shooting together! Whatever you’re longing to shoot: a couple, family, model. We will set it all up together. The vibes, the people, the place. Then we will go and shoot for an hour together. Both of us shooting, going through posting prompts, etc. Then after we will go through the post-shooting process together, uploading, culling, editing, ALL OF IT! 1 hour shooting, 1 hour chatting.


Go to the SAY HEY tab at the top and contact me to schedule a time for your mentor session! Can’t wait to hear from you!



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