Hi, I'm Madelin Schultz. so glad you're here!
hi there!

I’m madelin schultz. so glad you’re here.  I’m a full-time photographer based out of good ol’ Omaha, Nebraska. I live there with my sweet, goofy, cute husband, Alex. Our typical evening consists of us shooting hoops on the bucks mini hoop in our living room. We love going on walks, sitting on our patio- or any patio really, eating all the time (cheese/meat plates for life honestly), watching netflix, watching our favorite teams(go bucks, go pack, go brewcrew), crazy dancing, and being weird 99% of the time. So if you’re ever in Omaha, feel free to stop by and see us. we love having guests.

I started taking photos a little over two years ago. It is honestly crazy, because that doesn’t seem like that long, but it has felt like a lifetime. I can’t even imagine myself without a camera in my hand anymore. A little back story- when I was in 5th grade it was my dream to be a photographer when I grew up. My family went halfzies with me (I’m sure I wasn’t even close to half) and we bought a cheap family camera that was “mine.” My mother even allowed me to take my sister’s senior pics when I was in 8th grade, not sure why. haha One of those photos is still hanging on the wall in our house. (ps I edited the photo with Picnic) Fast-foward to high school and college- I had forgotten about my childhood dream and moved onto new ones. In the second semester of my sophomore year I needed to take a random elective. I saw photography was an option and thought it would be fun to actually learn how to use the camera I had gotten so many years ago. After learning all the technical things about my camera the first class- I started to take my friends out each day (forced them) to photograph them. I posted some on social media here and there, then a few weeks later a bride asked me to do her wedding photos (god bless her soul). I truly almost said no because that seemed so dang scary for this girl that barely knew how to work her camera. well, thank goodness I ended up saying yes to her, because now I have the best job in the world and get to work with some of the coolest people.

As much as I absolutely love photos, I think my true passion lies for people. the thing that keeps me going are the awesome humans I get to work with and all of the relationships created. I don’t just want to meet up with you, snap a few pics and leave. I want to get to know you and your story- so that I can understand how to give you photos you’ll love and cherish forever.

The most important thing you’ll learn about me today is that i freaking love Jesus a whole lot. Photography is a big part of my life- but He is my whole life. I gave my life to him years ago, and I will never be the same. He has truly filled my heart with a greater joy than I could ever imagine! (Psalm 4:7) If you don’t want your pics taken and just want to message me to chat about jesus, I would love to hear from you. 🙂

let’s make some magic y’all. and probably be besties as well. kk awesome. see ya soon.

xoxo Madelin Mack

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